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Title: Invite Us To Your Event
Show Description:
Invite Christina to your Celebration "Invite Christina to your Event"
Title: Be Our Guest
Show Description:
Christina encourages viewers to "Become a Guest and Share Your World with Us"

Pre-Season Episode 1 Show Description:
Pre-Season Episode 2 Show Description:

Relationship Baggage - While every relationship comes with something this show offers fun ways to deal with them!   WATCH >


Reconciliation - Have you ever tried to reconcile a relationship? We know it's not easy but in this show it doesn't have to be hard watch now to find out why.   WATCH >


Pre-Season Episode 3 Show Description:
Pre-Season Episode 4 Show Description:

Break-ups -There's no good way to break up but in this show you'll learn alternative ways to trump over any situation   WATCH >


Conflicts - Every relationship has it's ups an downs in this show you will see that disagreements isn't always a bad thing!   WATCH >



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