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Share your world with us on The Christina Murray Show

Everyone has a story to tell. Share a day, a moment or time in your life where a situation, an obstacle or daily hassle impacted your life.

Share with us how is it impacting your life or did you overcome it?


We have two very special ways that you can get in on the fun!
 Our Personal Connect Interviews (PCI)

The Personal Connect Interviews (PCI) is where The Christina Murray Show has the opportunity to have a real sit down talk with everyday people from various backgrounds as well as celebrities. 


The PCI will allow you to share your life experiences with The Christina Murray Show so viewers will get an opportunity to learn alternative ways to face and overcome obstacles, struggles, daily hassles and situations through real life stories.
 Christina’s Celebration Moments (CCM)

Christina’s Celebration Moments (CCM) will allow you to invite The Christina Murray Show to show love and spread joy at your event or celebration.

 The Christina Murray Show loves to celebrate extraordinary everyday people in your community.  These are individuals or organizations who dedicate their time to bring about change and give life changing opportunities to others. 

On The Christina Murray Show these Movers, Shakers, Heroes and Sheroes will have an opportunity to shine and motivate CMS viewers. 


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