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F.A.A.L.M.F. "Purple It Up" Domestic Violence Awareness

Purple It Up

Join in and take the "Purple Up Challenge"
Show how you've changed something Purple


Purple It Up

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We want you, your family and friends to build awareness with us during our Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Events.

Like the Purple It Up page on facebook for more updates and challenge ideas.

Currently Accepting Sponsorships and Donations to offer a fun day for all to enjoy while showing support.
For Sponsorship and more information on how you can support
email: dva@1staalmf.org
For Online Donations

Annual F.A.A.L.M.F. Awareness Luncheon
Come out and enjoy our First Annual Fund Raising Awareness Luncheon. We will be sharing with attendees’ information about all upcoming events and community sponsored programs F.A.A.L.M.F. will be initiating within local communities. Our plan is to honor those who have made great contributions within their community.
On Feb 20th
Location: TBD
We want you, your family and friends to come enjoy lunch and fun with us during our First Annual Awareness and Supporter Appreciation Luncheon.
Free Food, Free Drinks (Non-Alcoholic) and of course tons of self-esteem building history to inspire and encourage; as well as share the knowledge of the true meaning and know the value of our African American heritage. We can move forward with heads held even higher in the knowledge of our illustrious past as we become more aware of our African American Lawmen of the past and the valor of their accomplishments.

Annual F.A.A.L.M.F. Artist United Festival
F.A.A.L.M.F. is proud to be initiate a community program that will help revitilize the artistic culture within our communities. Our plan is to honor those who have made great contributions to their community. In doing so, thru this artistic program we will produce a variety of multimedia projects (such as: Historical Documentaries, Full Featured Films, Inspirational Films and TV Shows) to be used for public awareness and historical records for future generations to come.
On August 8th
Location TBD
Between 11am - 8pm
We want you, your family and friends to come embrace an artistically inspired day invented for people of all ages to enjoy the creativity of our local talented artist.
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