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Welcome to The Christina Murray Show.   Where, “A problem is not a problem unless you make it one”. 

This new “real talk” inspirational show is not only a show created just for you.  It’s about you and welcomes your participation.

The Christina Murray Show is an internet and TV broadcast dedicated in passion to helping millions of people across this country and abroad.

The Christina Murray Show presents the rare occasion to have a real sit down talk with everyday people from various backgrounds. Our viewers will get an opportunity to learn alternative ways to overcome obstacles, struggles, daily hassles, and handle situations that appear to be problems.

Christina's Invitation to Be a Guest
Video Description:
Christina encourages viewers to "Become a Guest and Share Your World with Us"

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The show will inspire you with creative ways to re-invent yourself and expand your mind-set.  You will be awed with alternative ways to handle situations that appear to be problems.

The Christina Murray Show encourages you to spread love and joy as we take you on a journey which includes surprising interviews, events and celebrations.



Share you world on the Christina Murray Show

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