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Each veteran’s situation is unique. Depending on their B.A.S.I.A. assessment we hope to find the programs that fit each of our veterans and/or families needs.

Remember you are not alone as you go through each phase. Whether you are homeless, disabled or have begun your path to recovery, B.A.S.I.A. is here to assist you and your family regain stability. Please explore our programs.

As we continue to discover the ever-evolving needs of our homeless, disabled veterans B.A.S.I.A. programs will also grow and evolve, so check back often to see what’s new at Brothers And Sisters In Arms Inc.





Based on our assessment form B.A.S.I.A. will research the many housing programs available to veterans and get them into the program that best fits their individual needs.




B.A.S.I.A. will make sure that each veteran gets registered at the V.A.M.C. closest to them, so they can get the medical attention and care they need. We will also help them get plugged into the many different resources the V.A has to offer.




B.A.S.I.A. will be keeping our veterans informed about new things that are being implemented for veterans and help them to get into school or vocational programs so that they can obtain a job or start their own business.



    Food / Clothing


B.A.S.I.A. will be able to guide our veterans to the right programs for food and clothing based on their specific needs.




B.A.S.I.A. wants to make sure that each veteran has a way to get to doctors appointments, interviews, and other important places to help them in their transition back into society and a normal way of life.




B.A.S.I.A. will help veterans apply for benefits and also guide them to setting up their own free bank account, so that they can have a safe, secure place for their direct deposits, pay checks and any other financial needs they may have.



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