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  Developmental Programs we plan to initiate within the community.
  *Provide a program to teach all the laws, rights to every family with children starting at 4-5yrs. old
     *Provide a program for private investigative-(leg-work) to the poor plus high and low-grade event security
  Provide a program to erect historic black history facts on a plaques, headstones, and text monuments: in the communities and on the streets where the events took place.
  Provide a free food distribution outlet with a suggestion box, and security check, every six months.
  Provide a program to bring awareness to the dangers of soul-food diet and a stroke-alert. 
  Provide a program to find the oldest living First African American Lawman, record their memoirs, both good, and bad.
  Provide a sports clinics, in all, the major sports such as, golf, tennis, bowling, baseball, football, soccer, and, etc.
  Provide a first-time housing how-to on homestead exemption.
  Provide a hospital visit and care and in-home assistance to1staalm.
  Provide a program to Help-Hepatitis-C research and provide a alternative natural attack of this virus.
  Provide a program to recycle small children's video's and shoes.
  Provide a program to teach internet and computer training to low-income children.
  Our Primary Goals
  *Goal #1. Help reduce juvenile crime by 50% in 10yrs.
  *Goal #2. Help reduce the court case load by 25%.
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