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Below is a listing of our current featured projects

Theatrical Entertainment

Content for any member of the family. Oh can't forget about the friends, friends make the world go round. Our Entertainment consist of sub categories which include but not limited to: Humor, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Reality, and more

Faith Based content is centered around the morals (religion or belief) shared with audiences
Our General Audience content is diverse in culture and tells the stories that apeal to main stream media outlets.
Our Mature Audience content is ONLY for the ADULTS that enjoy mature language and visual content.

Youth Entertainment

We have partnered with youth development organizations, schools, churches, businesses and community centers, in order to create multimedia productions that empower youth to make quality music, Internet, TV/film and publishing products. But that's not all. Talented youth then promote and sell their products to produce an income.

Our Youth Department also meets more than basic needs. For example: nothing to do after school, on weekends and during summer, leaves youth bored and easily tempted. We aim to provide a venue for our youth as well as give them a voice they control.

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Educational Entertainment

We take you from Learning while you Laugh to
Understanding while your in suspense

Our Educational Entertainment is content designed both to educate and to entertain. It includes content that is primarily educational but has incidental entertainment value, and content that is mostly entertaining but contains educational value.

We're looking for talented people like you

Connecx MultiMedia, LLC is growing and is creating content for various forms of Entertainment. We are excited to be in position to offer some great opportunities and invite individuals to grow in this exciting industry with us.

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CME Teams

We build strong teams based on the unique strengths of each member within our diverse and talented staff.

Mastermind Team

The Brain and Heart of Entertainment is our creative intelligence formed with out the box thinkers.

Production Team

The Muscle of Entertainment are the crafty individuals that have acquired a skill from years of experience and can reproduce it consistently.

Performance Team

The Face of Entertainment and the influential force to the public

Join our team and show off your talents with us.

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