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The Jackson House is a two-story home consisting of twenty-four (24) rooms. The house is located at 851 East Zack Street in downtown Tampa in close proximity to the train station. The first known owner was Sarah Allen.

The property is actual located in an area that is one of the oldest black neighborhood in Tampa known as the “Scrub”.

Moses Jackson acquired the property from Ms. Allen in 1903. He built his family home on that property. However, Mr. Jackson realized that Africa American travelers had no place to stay while visiting Tampa. He turned their home into a downtown boarding home for travelers. It was also a place for family employment for the ladies of their home. Thus the house was given the name “Jackson House”.

From 1910 to 1929, Moses and his wife Sarah ran the Jackson House until their deaths in 1929 and 1937, respectively. The Jackson House was passed to their daughters and subsequently to the youngest Jackson daughter. The house was then passed on to the Robinson’s, Jacksons daughter and her spouse Mr. Willie Robinson, Sr. who were the parents of Mr. Willie Robinson, Jr.


The City of Tampa has designated 4 local historic districts, 48 local historic landmarks and 5 multiple property designations by which encompass approximately 4,214 buildings.

The City’s designation protects those properties that have been determined to be of distinct character, architectural value, and cultural significance to the city. The Historic Jackson House is one distinguished landmark designated and listed on page 17 of the City of Tampa documents.

Honoring a Good Man

To GOD Be The Glory for Willie Robinson and his Legacy in Tampa for the survival of the Jackson House and Tampa's History. As the JH BOD, we salute Willie as our Founding JH Historian and BOD Vice Chair.






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