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Rebranding The American Dream

Our story behind the scenes of "Getting Back Up"

First I, Alex Massey Multimedia Visual Artist and Author would like to thank you for your interest in reading “Getting Back Up” a fictional story inspired by random events experienced within my life. I want to definitely give honor to the Divine Creator for guiding me through the process of creating this story and producing something that can offer help or direction to a person who finds themselves in a situation as severe as being without a place to call home..

Being homeless is in no way a funny situation to experience. However laughter spreads awareness better than sadness therefore Getting Back Up takes a comedic view to a serious and growing illness within the United States of America.

The Goal for this book is to offer direction and understanding to overcome homelessness. Fifty percent of all funds earned from this book and the future planned series of books, audibles, and film in production, will be used to establish jobs within our communities and offer assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness due to financial hardship.

Together, with your support we can change the course of homelessness in America and Rebrand the American Dream!

Getting Back Up Awareness Promo

Journey with John while facing homelessness for the first time. eBook currently available on AMAZON
Investment opportunities available for full feature film.

Getting Back Up, Book1
The Induction, Overview

When life takes an unexpected turn … all you can do is GET BACK UP!

John is a genuine type of guy who has become homeless for the first time in his life. John worked for a printing company before it went out of business. He doesn’t know anyone who has ever been homeless, so he doesn’t know what to do nor where to go in order to get assistance or help.

Have you or someone you know… ever been homeless or had to stand in lines to get help to survive?
If the answer is yes... than this story will speak to you.
If the answer is no… pay close attention, this situation could be yours.

With little money after unemployment ran out and a fresh eviction, John experiences some unreal and definitely unexpected events that will have you bursting out with laughter to pondering what in the world happened?

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